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Seashore paspalum is, of course, a warm-season grass, so Sea Spray is best for courses no farther north than 30−35° latitude. Within its "comfort zone," it displays excellent resistance to dollar spot, in addition to its primary characteristic of salt tolerance. Sea Spray is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious superintendents, especially those with water quality issues such as a need to use effluent water for irrigation. Certainly in areas where water shortages occur, where saline conditions are unusually high, or where water reclamation projects are undertaken, Sea Spray provides an attractive option for beautiful turf despite these conditions.

A number of prestigious golf courses have already embraced Sea Spray as their turf of choice. Early adopters Korineum Golf & Country Club on Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, Moody Gardens Golf Course located in Galveston, TX, and Loreto Bay Golf Club in Loreto, Mexico, have all discovered the advantages of seeded seashore paspalum and put it to good use as their turf throughout the entire course.

Where Can Sea Spray Be Used?