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Scotts Transfers Key Professional Programs to J.R. Simplot Co.

The J. R. Simplot Company and the Scotts Company recently signed a Letter of Intent to transfer a few key professional seed programs from Scotts to Simplot. The Scotts Company has been communicating to customers and partners that as part of their divestiture from the professional seed market, they have been looking for a suitable partner to take certain programs.

“It was crucial to me that we found a company with the proper infrastructure and vast international experience to keep these programs in their premier status”, states Brent Bolton, Director Global Grass Seed for Scotts, “after careful consideration, Jacklin Seed by Simplot was selected.”

“We are excited to announce that Simplot will carry‐on the production and marketing of Sea Spray seeded Seashore paspalum as well as three premium Kentucky bluegrasses; Midnight, Midnight II and Midnight Star”, says Chris Claypool, General Manager at Simplot’s Jacklin Seed. Along with these programs, Simplot also welcomes Gordon Zielinski who will manage the paspalum program and perform other duties. Zielinski was formerly a director of Pure‐Seed Testing Inc., and the CEO of Turf Seed Inc., and most recently worked with the Scotts Company’s professional seed business as the Director of International Seed Sales..

Diversification is key for the J.R. Simplot Company, in addition to food products, mining, livestock, fertilizer and other enterprises; the Jacklin Seed brand adds a line of elite turfgrass products. Jacklin Seed demonstrates one of the many ways the Simplot motto – Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life – is realized by providing seed for turf areas around the world.

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